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Fillet Improved
SoftPlan Version 12 has modified the ability to Fillet objects. In previous versions of Softplan the lines remaining after a Fillet was performed were not necessarily dictated by where the lines were selected.
In order to demonstrate the improved functionality in Version 12, the following illustrates how the previous Fillet feature functioned. A scenario where two lines crossed is used to show this.
  1. Select Tools > Fillet.
  2. First click the line on Point 1, followed by clicking the second line on Point 2.

· Previous versions of Softplan would fillet the two lines leaving behind the two larger sections of the lines, and removing the smaller sections which had been selected.

The improved Fillet function in Softplan Version 12 however works as follows:
  1. Select Tools > Fillet.
  2. Click on Point 1.
  3. Click on Point 2.

· The resulting fillet is one that retains the two smaller sections that were selected, and removes the larger sections which had not been picked. The function will no longer determine which objects to remove or retain based on the longer side. It will now keep the objects that were selected, and remove the objects which were not.















Curved Fillet Command Improved
Version 12 has improved the Curved Fillet Tool command, using Curved Fillet on lines with the Thick Solid texture will apply the Thick Solid texture to the arc.
  1. Draw 2 connecting lines using the thick line texture as shown in the first image.
  2. Click on Tools > Curved Fillet.
  3. Select the first line and then select the second line.
  4. Enter the radius required.







Fillet Works on Two Non-Adjacent Edges in a Polygon
SoftPlan version 12 has expanded the functionality of the Fillet tool to allow two non-adjacent polygons egdes to join. If for example a Deck contained and 45 degree angled edge and that angle was no longer required, the Fillet Tool can be used to remove the angled edge. The same tool can be applied to Site Lines, Solid Polygons, Interiors, Floor and Ceiling Systems, Roofs and Areas.
  1. Select Tools – Fillet.
  2. Click on a deck edge adjacent to the angled deck edge.
  3. Click on the other deck edge adjacent to the angled deck edge, opposite the first selected edge.
  4. The program will then join the two selected deck edges, removing the angled deck edge.









Locate Tolerance Added to Locate Menu
Version 12 has added the Locate Tolerance setting to the Locate Type Menu. The Locate Type menu is displayed by pressing CTRL+L on the keyboard. The Locate Tolerance setting is displayed at the top of this menu. This is an alternative method to access the setting than selecting it from Tools> Locate Tolerance.






Pick Cursor Axis
In addition to being able to manually select an alternative cursor angle, SoftPlan Version 12 has the ability to automatically set the cursor angle (axis) and angle lock based on the current angle of another object. This is a great new tool that will benefit you when you need to draw several objects on another axis other than the default 90-degree cursor angle, by allowing you to draw at right angles when working on an angled portion of the plan.
  1. Select Tools > Pick Cursor Axis and click on an existing object that is already drawn at the angle you want to match.
  2. The cursor and it’s cross-hair extensions will then align themselves to a new axis that matches the angle of the selected object.
  3. Proceeding to draw items will now draw them at angles that match new cursor axis.
Once the alternative cursor angle has been established, the use of the Shift + ~ (tilde) key will switch between the default 90-degree cursor angle and the alternative cursor angle to allow a quick change of the cursor axis.










Circular Array Command Added to the Tools Menu
There is a new tool that is used to array objects in a circular configuration called Circular array. In this command you can specify the angle to fill, start angle, number of objects (copies) to rotate, and the option to rotate the objects around the specified angle.
Take the example as shown. It can create copies of an object around a center point of axis, such as support beams for a turret or gazebo. Draw one beam to the proper length and use the Circular array to create more copies can be rotated around the center point so that each beam does not have to be drawn.
  1. Select the Circular array (Tools> Circular Array)
  2. The status bar prompts to ‘select Item to create a Circular Array’. Click on the item.
  3. The status bar them prompts to ‘select center of Circular Array’. Move the cursor to the center point of the axis of rotation
  4. A preview is then shown and updated according to the information entered.
    Input 5 for the number of copies, Start Angle is 0, Angle to Fill is 360, and the checkbox is selected to Rotate Objects.
  5. Press Ok on the menu and the objects will form according to the information entered.












Chamfer Command Added
SoftPlan Version 12 includes a new tool, Chamfer. This tool, will allow for the selection of two items such as walls, deck edges or lines. SoftPlan will then add an additional item of the same type at one half the acute angle using the users definable length.
  1. Select Tools > Chamfer.
  2. Select the 2 items which the champher will be generated.
  3. At the prompt enter the chamfer length.