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 See and hear SoftTalk in action.

SoftTalk voice recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. Now you can talk your way from concept to completed drawing.

The SoftTalk technology is so advanced that SoftPlan is the only CAD program that offers this unique voice recognition tool.

Unlike traditional voice recognition, SoftTalk deals with specific terms and phrases. The result? Unsurpassed accuracy in voice recognition. You’ll have complete, hands-free control of SoftPlan or SoftPlan Lite home design software in just minutes.

Draw Twice as Fast

SoftTalk will feel natural in no time at all, and you can’t help but recognize the productivity enhancements. Ask for an object and immediately draw it. To draw a 2x6 brick wall, say: “2x6 brick” and you’re ready to draw. With no need to navigate through menus and lists, SoftTalk is the ultimate shortcut tool. Our customers tell us that using SoftTalk has cut their drawing time by up to 50%.

See SoftTalk in Action.
See Intermediate Class Sample
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