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SoftPlan Patch Instructions


The SoftPlan patches are a method of updating SoftPlan 2012 and earlier program files with the most current versions. Patches are posted on the SoftPlan web site as new features are added to the SoftPlan program. Applying a SoftPlan patch will not affect existing drawings, or libraries.

Determining the Patch You Need

Find the following information in the About SoftPlan dialog. To access this dialog, select Help > About SoftPlan.

1. Determine your current SoftPlan version.

2. Determine the appropriate patch version. Each SoftPlan patch only updates to the next consecutive version. For example, if you have version 2012.0.0 and the most current release of SoftPlan is version 2012.0.2, you must first apply the version 2012.0.1 patch then the version 2012.0.2 patch can then be applied.

3. Determine your SoftPlan program type. SoftPlan Lite patches cannot be applied to a SoftPlan program, and vice versa.

SoftPlan Patch Version

Downloading the Patch File

4. Click on the link for the patch you want to download. The patch file will begin transferring to your computer.

IMPORTANT: If you do not see all of the available patches on the patch page, refresh your browser.

5. When asked to Save or Open the file, choose Save. Most web browsers will then display a dialog asking where the file should be saved. Although you can select any folder, it is recommended that you save the patch file to your SoftPlan folder.

6. Repeat these steps if you are downloading more than one patch file.

Applying the Patch File

1. If SoftPlan is running, you must exit the program before proceeding. Open the patch file. Follow any on screen instructions.

2. The Welcome dialog is shown.

Patch Welcome
3. Follow the on screen instructions until you reach the Choose Location dialog.

SoftPlan Patch Location
If the folder shown is not the folder you wish to patch, select Browse to locate the appropriate folder.

Select Next.

4. Follow the on screen instructions. Once the patch process has begun, you may see one of two errors:

If the Old File not Found warning is displayed, it usually indicates that the file in your SoftPlan directory is already at the current version and does not need to be patched. This is not a fatal error. Select OK to continue. The warning will also be shown if you attempt to apply a non-consecutive patch (i.e. applying the 2012.0.2 patch to a version 2012.0.0 installation). If you select Cancel no files will be updated.

If during the patch process the Old File does not exist warning is displayed, it indicates that the patch program was unable to find a file. This is not a fatal error. Select OK to continue. If you select Cancel no files will be updated.

5. Once the patch has been applied to the SoftPlan program files, the Additional Information dialog will be displayed. This gives you the option of viewing the WHATSNEW.TXT file which describes the changes from the previous version which are included in the patch. This file is also copied to your SoftPlan folder during the patch process. Select whether or not you want to view the file and then click Next to continue.

6. The InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog is displayed. Select whether or not to restart your computer and then click Finish to exit setup.

7. Restart your computer after applying the patch. If you are applying more than one patch file, you must restart your computer and start SoftPlan after each patch has been applied.

8. Start SoftPlan and check the version number on the About SoftPlan dialog. It should match that of the SoftPlan patch which was applied.

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