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November 10, 2011
Fall Newsletter
Exciting New Offer: Brand New Roof Training DVD!
For the first time ever, SoftPlan is offering users a chance to learn how to draw roofs using the new Roof Training DVD. A lot of thought has gone into this new training DVD. You’ll learn the steps to use to ensure that your roofs turn out exactly how you want them, every time. Almost all of the roofs you’ll see drawn are from real houses that have been built by actual builders and the methods you’ll learn will be applicable to any style of roof that you’re trying to draw. If you have ever wanted to be able to draw complex roofs with more accuracy, this DVD is a must have. Click here to watch one of the chapters in this great training DVD.
Roof Training DVD

Now is a great time to buy any of the DVDs in the SoftPlan Training library because SoftPlan has just reduced the prices of all of the intermediate and advanced training DVDs to the new price of $195.
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In Your Tool Box: Look at Surface

The Look at Surface tool is a great tool to use if you want to look at a specific object while you''re viewing the 3D model. To use this tool, click the Look at Surface icon on the 3D Camera control as denoted by the binoculars.

3D Camera Control

Then, select the surface you want to view. The camera automatically positions itself so that you are zoomed in to what you''ve selected. This tool is useful for navigating tight spaces within the interior of the model and for quickly positioning the camera when when you''re looking at the exterior of the house.


Q: Is there a way to turn off the shading for my Rod & Shelf symbols when printing?

A: To turn off the shading, go to Options > Visible Items and uncheck the box next to ''''Show Polygon Shading'''' at the bottom of the dialog.

Q: When I view my 3D model, there is a gap between the floors.

A: This is common when the tops of the walls are not even on the lower floor. To remedy this, use a circular reference point on a common corner where the walls should stack on top of each other. While all 4 reference points will align floors laterally, only the circular reference point will vertically pull the walls on top of each other. It can be found under Draw > Reference > Reference Circle.

SoftPlan Live Online Training

By popular demand, we now offer a live online roof training class.

The online training class is taught by our very own technical support member, James Henderson. James acts as a consultant for many leading builders in the United States and Canada. Like the DVD, the roofs you’ll learn to draw come from real world projects. James strives to teach his classes the most up to date and practical tips:

“I believe that we are all learning all the time, so even as I am teaching the class, I am learning from the students what the latest building trends are, then use those to make sure that what I'm teaching is completely up-to-date.”

As a student in the training class you’ll receive a class manual. You can take notes and review everything you’ve learned later. Online classes tend to fill up quick. The next Roof Class is offered November 29-December 2. Reserve your spot today!

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