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January 2012
SoftPlan News
Featured News: Integration with REScheck
We have lots of exciting news for this letter. First and foremost, our latest version, SoftPlan 2012, gives you the ability to integrate directly with REScheck, the Department of Energy's building energy codes program. REScheck is designed to simplify code compliance, but SoftPlan goes the extra mile to insert all of the necessary information directly from your SoftPlan drawing files. A full and complete REScheck report is just a mouse click away!
Please take this quick survey to let us know how you create your energy compliance reports.
Our technical support staff has made a two part video illustrating just how simple it is to create complete and accurate REScheck reports from your SoftPlan drawings. The first video describes the customization of each component of the building's thermal shell. You'll see that you can set default values to reflect regional specifications and you can quickly modify these values for specific jobs. The second video describes how to create a REScheck report and how to use the feedback to create a more energy efficient design.

Design Trends for the New Year

Paul Schumacher, a long time SoftPlan user, was interviewed for a very interesting article in Builder Magazine about custom home design trends for the new year. He's got some great ideas about what consumers really want. Read the article and view the slide show to see Paul's top ten list for custom home design trends.

Come See Us at the 2012 NAHB International Builder's Show

We're excited to show off SoftPlan 2012 at this year's show. Last year SoftPlan 2012 received a lot of interest and we're hoping people are just as enthusiastic this year. Register for a free 4-day pass for you and your spouse, and stop by and see us!

Training Information

We've put up the Live Online Training schedule for the new year on our website. These classes fill up fast, so register today.
New training video samples are up on YouTube. There's a video from the beginner's class, the intermediate class, and the wildly popular 3D training class. Enjoy these free samples, and consider purchasing the entire DVD to help your business get the most out of the thousands of SoftPlan features.

In Your Toolbox: aligning drawings in a multi drawing

The Multi Drawing feature allows you to combine more than one drawing on the drawing screen at one time. This feature is especially useful when you want to print several drawings at one time. Once you've added the drawings to the screen, you can create attractive and orderly Multi Drawings using the Align Drawing tool.



1. Select File >Multi Drawing > Multi Drawing or press ctrl + g to display the Multi Drawing menu.


2. Select the Align Drawing button.


Align Drawing



3. Select a feature on a drawing to which you want to align the other drawings. For example, select the bottom line of the foundation. The feature will become highlighted.


Align Drawing 2


4. On a different drawing, select the feature you want to line up with the previously selected feature. For example, select the foundation. The features will automatically line up.


Align Drawing 3


Q: I created a new floor plan. How do I get it to show in my 3D model?
A: On the Navigation bar, simply drag the drawing from the Floor Plans group up to the Model group. Place the floor plans in the order that you wish to see them appear in 3D. For example, the foundation plan would be listed below the main floor plan.
Navigation Window
Q: How can I dimension between two walls without moving a wall that lies between them?
A: Use Dimension Point, located in the Dimension menu, to select the two walls you want to dimension. Anything between will be ignored.
Dimension Point
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