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The SoftPlan HomeWork Station

This is a version of the SoftPlan Educational program that is designed for current students to complete their work while away from the classroom.


• The product is only available for online ordering
• The student must have their school’s key number at the time of ordering.
• The use of the HomeWork Station is for current students only.
• The use of SoftPlan WorkStation and HomeWork Station for commercial work is prohibited.
• The HomeWork Station only runs on a single machine and the machine must be connected to the internet.
• Drawings completed on the HomeWork Station can only be printed at the school.
• Export functions are disabled.
• The HomeWork Station runs for one year.
• The HomeWork Station cannot be moved from the computer on which it was initially loaded.
• Technical support for the HomeWork Station is only available by email.


HomeWork Station - Download - $50

Note: After the order is complete, an email is sent that directs the user to the download area for the executable.

HomeWork Station - Shipped Product - $100

Order HomeWork Station

Note: By selecting the HomeWork Station to be shipped, you will receive the SoftPlan HomeWork Station Install DVD, and the SoftPlan manual. The price does not include shipping & handling fees.

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