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SoftPlan+ Cloud Server & Services

Introduction to SoftPlan+

SoftPlan+ is a subscription-based facility that enriches the design process by providing the user with a suite of cloud services and up-to-date knowledge of everything SoftPlan has to offer.

Take advantage of enhanced technical support, access to exclusive content, the complete training library, and the SoftPlan+ online cloud drive that makes sharing your projects across multiple locations easier.


Cloud Sharing

SoftPlan+ saves the most recent copies of your projects to the SoftPlan+ cloud drive. With your SoftPlan key and a high speed internet connection, you can continue working on your project from a different system.

The new SoftPlan reView extensions also allow you to publish your documents for customer viewing, including 2D vector drawings and rendered panoramic views. Customers can also make notes on the vector drawings and any changes appear automatically the next time you open the project.

Enhanced Technical Support

Toll Free Phone Number

Reach SoftPlan’s technical support team with the SoftPlan+ toll free number to receive personalized assistance.

Integrated Support Tickets

Providing streamlined support, SoftPlan+ includes the ability to submit a support ticket directly through the SoftPlan+ interface. SoftPlan then gathers all the files of your project and makes a copy available to the SoftPlan support staff who can then review your project and provide the appropriate feedback and files you need to address the issue.

Command and Control Support

With permission, SoftPlan+ support technicians have the ability to take control of a SoftPlan+ subscriber’s computer for advanced assistance.


Online Training Content

When using SoftPlan, the complete training library is accessible for viewing.  As content is added to the training library, it is made available immediately to SoftPlan+ subscribers. The training content currently totals over 60 hours.

Customer Interaction

 SoftPlan+ on iPAD   SoftPlan+ provides an entirely new level of customer interaction that facilitates communication so that the customer is always up to date. This efficient system of interaction gives the customer the ability to view your designs in 2D plans and 3D models, from a PC or an iOS device of their choice, and to supply input in a collaborative process unique to SoftPlan. 


All reView functionality is available through SoftPlan+ including the authoring of reView & PDF files.

Panoramic Views

Automatically generate panoramic views from predefined points to experience the model in fully immersive 3D on PC, iPhone, or, most impressively, iPad.

iOS iPad and iPhone

SoftPlan+ allows Apple iOS support for the iPad and iPhone so users can access their work from anywhere. Mark up drawings, add notes, and take a virtual tour of a house in full, panoramic 3D, all from the convenience of your iOS device.

Android version currently availiable as a beta.

SoftPlan Version

Never Pay for an Upgrade Again

SoftPlan+ subscribers have no cost access to the latest version SoftPlan has to offer. Receive all of SoftPlan’s time saving enhancements as soon as an updated version is released.

Premium Content

SoftPlan+ subscribers have access to additional content that is stored on the SoftPlan+ cloud server and can be updated and augmented at any time.



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SoftPlan+ FAQs

SoftPlan+ Terms of Service


SoftPlan+ subscriptions are only available in the United States and Canada.

SoftPlan+ is an additional service added to SoftPlan, not a copy of SoftPlan.

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