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Turned Spindles Added
Another option for spindle styles has been added to Version 12. The turned spindle style can be found under the Railing Options. Although the plan view of the railing drawn that includes the spindles is no different than the rest of the railing spindle styles, Softplan will display the spindle style in Softview 3-Dimension modes.
  1. To access this option go to File> System / Drawing Options> Material Dimensions> Railing Options.
  2. Select Spindle - Style > Turn
  3. The style option selected in System / Drawing Options will relate to the railing that is drawn thereafter on the current drawing.

· If a different style is needed on the drawing, access the Railing Options under Drawing options to change it.










Railings Contain Reference Points
SoftPlan Version 12 has expanded the functionality of railings by including reference points on them. The reference points aid in locating and aligning the rails to the edges of decks, landings, and stair sections. The Railings can be edited for a Plan Position, which will position the rail the specified distance from the item that rail has located. The result is a faster and more accurate method of positioning railings along the edges of decks, landings and stairs. Like other reference points (such as roofs and floor systems), the reference points turn solid when properly located on a deck, landing or stair edge. If the railing is not currently located on any edge the reference point will display hollow, but can be relocated to an edge by using the Adjust command.

To relocate a railing on a deck edge, follow these steps:

  1. Select Move > Adjust Item.
  2. Click on the hollow reference point of the railing. This will lock the reference point on the cursor.
  3. Position the reference point on an edge of an existing deck and click the mouse button.
  4. The railing will relocate itself to the deck edge and become solid.

To accurately position the railing on the deck edge, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit > Edit Item and click on the railing.
  2. Under Plan Position, enter a desired value to position the railing a specified distance from the edge of the deck. A positive value will position the railing inside the deck, while a negative value will position the railing outside the deck.


  1. Select Edit > Edit Item and click on the deck.
  2. Under Position Rail, specify how the rail is to be aligned by selecting Center, Inside, or Outside under Align.
  3. Enter a value to the position the rail relative to the Align selection under Rail Offset and the railing will position the rail the specified distance.




















Curved Railing Feature Added
Version 12 railings now contain reference points. Because of this new feature railings can be adjoined to a curved stair and match the radius to form curved railings.
To create a curved railing:
  1. Draw a railing by selecting Draw> Stair> Railing. At first, the railing will appear straight.
  2. Select Move > Adjust item and select the reference point with the From button.
  3. Drag the reference point to the appropriate side of the stair. The railing will then be moved into place and take on the same radius as the stair.
  4. Perform a Cleanup (CTRL+C) to snap the railing to the stair.
  5. The length of the railings can be adjusted by selecting Move> Adjust item and selecting the From button on an end of the railing.










Deck Rail Alignment Option Resets to "No"
A new behavior to the Deck Edit dialog has been added for Version 12. When the deck railing alignment is set in the Deck Edit dialog, subsequent edits of the same deck will have the Align option reset back to “No”. This is because the action is a command for the railing, not a state of the railing, similar to how Opening Center works. After the deck railing has been aligned this way, the user still has the option of moving the railing by other means.
  1. Edit a deck that has a deck railing drawn along its edges.
  2. Under Position Rail > Align, specify how you want the railing to be aligned to the deck edges (inside, center or outside).
  3. If inside or outside alignment has been specified, you can also set the distance the rail is to be placed from the deck edge under Rail Offset.
  4. Select OK to close the Deck Edit dialog. The deck railing will be positioned according the settings specified.
  5. Edit the deck again and the Position Rail > Align option will be reset to “No”. If necessary, you can reposition the deck railing.