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SoftPlan Network Installation

Master Key Manager Setup select to download.

SoftPlan Network Install Insructions   SoftPlan Network Installation Instructions

SoftPlan comes with a pair of keys; a MASTER and a REGISTRATION key. The MASTER key must be plugged into a computer on the network at all times. The registration key is only required when enabling SoftPlan on a computer for the first time.

Installing the SoftPlan Master Key Manager

The Master Key Manager only needs to be installed on one computer on the network. To successfully install the SoftPlan Master Key Manager, follow the steps listed below:

1. Download the Master Key Manager Setup at

2. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the SoftPlan Master Key Manager.

3. Restart the computer after the SoftPlan Master Key Manager has been successfully installed.

4. Place the SoftPlan Master Key in the USB port.

Installing SoftPlan

The SoftPlan Master Key Manager must be installed before installing SoftPlan. To successfully install SoftPlan, follow the installation and registration steps below on each computer where SoftPlan is to be registered:

1. Insert the SoftPlan DVD into the DVD drive of the computer and run the disc.

2. Select SoftPlan Setup from the Installation menu.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to install SoftPlan.

4. Restart the computer.

Registering a Computer

Ensure that the Master Key is installed on the same local area network as the computer on which SoftPlan will be registered.

1. Insert the SoftPlan Registration key into the USB port of the computer.

2. Start SoftPlan.

3. If the computer has not been registered, a message will appear indicating that the computer needs to be registered.  Select OK.

4. The Program Authorization dialog opens. Select Register Seat.

5. The Seat Registration dialog opens showing the current computer name at the top. Select Register This Computer and it will be added to the list of registered computers. Select OK from each open dialog.

6. Remove the registration key, move to the next computer and repeat the registration process.

Important Notice

The Master Key must be attached to a USB port on the same network as the registered computer anytime that SoftPlan is in use.

Note: This installation is applicable to all network enabled versions of SoftPlan.

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