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I have the software installed on the WorkStation. How do I register it?

To Register the WorkStations:

Upon completion of the installation process, do the following on each WorkStation installation. Ensure that the Master Key is still installed on the network where the Master key manager was installed.

1. Insert the SoftPlan Registration Key in the USB Port of the WorkStation.

2. Start SoftPlan.

3. If the Computer has not yet been registered, a message will appear indicating that the WorkStation needs to be registered. Select OK.

4. The Program Authorization dialog will appear. Select 'Key Registration.'

5. The Computer Registration dialog will appear showing the current computer name at the top. Select: ‘Register this Computer’ and it will be added to the list of registered computers. Select OK from each open dialog and exit.

6. Remove the registration key, move to the next WorkStation and repeat the registration process.

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