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How do I place a transom over a door?

Version(s): 10
On the floor plan, draw the window and the door side by side. Use the edit item to adjust the window's offset. The window's offset will be equal to the height of the wall less the combined height of the door and window. Use the profile mode to check your accuracy, then dimension the openings and edit the dimensions to properly align the openings.

Version(s): 11, 12
The Add Opening Component feature can be used to create an opening with multiple units. This can be found under File > System Library. In the Library section of the menu, select Openings from the Type field. Highlight the Library you want to add the new opening to. Select the Add button from the Symbol section of the menu. The Add new Opening menu displays allowing you to configure your new opening.

Version(s): 13 +
Edit the door and select the ‘Add Transom’ button the Plan tab of the Opening menu. Enter the desired height of the transom to be placed above the door. 

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