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How do I create a user login and password for the 2014 reView app or PC Viewer?

A SoftPlan reView login and password is only required to view SoftPlan+ Projects which have been published using the SoftPlan 2014 program.

When a SoftPlan+ project is published, the project recipient will receive an email from SoftPlan, not the project publisher, which includes a link to a reView account creation webpage. The project recipient's email address serves as their login.

Once a password is selected the account will be activated and the login and password can then be used to access published projects within the SoftPlan reView viewer. It is only necessary to create an account once, and once created all projects that are published to that account will be available in the viewer.

Projects which have not been published, such as those sent as email attachments or as files on a CD, DVD or flash drive, do not require a login and can be viewed by using the Open command within SoftPlan.

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