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How do I create a Concrete Wall with a brick ledge?

This is accomplished by defining a new wall through the Wall Definition. Select File > System Options > Define Wall > Edit. Highlight one of the predefined Concrete Walls, and select Save As. Type in the desired name and press enter. From the Wall/Beam Selection list, click on the new wall for editing.

1. Assuming 8'-0" walls, change the concrete material height to 7'-4", which is the height from the top of the footing to the underside of the brick ledge.
2. Select Add Material, which will place Adobe Brick material on top of the concrete with a height of 8" and width equal to the width of concrete below. Edit the Material to Brick A, and the width to 3.5".
3. Select Add Material, which will place Adobe Brick material beside the Brick A material. Edit the material to Concrete A.

NOTE: The following is not necessary to the wall sectioning, material calculating or displaying in 3D. Its sole purpose is to display the brick ledge in plan view.
In plan view, SoftPlan will display the wall at the midpoint. In order to actually display the brick ledge in plan view there is one further material that needs to be added. Add Material, which will place a material to the right of the existing wall. Edit this material to None with a width of 3.5". You will also want to change this material to display a Texture of brick with its Texture Visible on. Textures and their visibility are accessible by sliding the horizontal slider bar to the far right of the Wall Definition screen.
Now change the Horizontal Start to 0" which will move the None material to the front of the wall overlapping the brick and concrete below. As this material runs the full height of the wall, it will also display in plan view and show brick with the assigned texture. 

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