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Cross Erase Command Added
Version 12 has an additional command the added command for Cross Erase. This command can be used to erase items using a selection trace.
  1. Go to Erase > Cross Erase
  2. Use the FROM and TO buttons to form a selection trace by expanding the box. Any items that are intersecting or contained within the box will be erased.

This command is similar to block erase in that it erases all items within the box, but also includes the items intersecting the expanding box.









Poly Erase Command Added
SoftPlan’s new Poly Erase command will allow for sketching of free form shape that when complete will remove any object which is enclosed with in that shape. In previous versions of SoftPlan, if the area or items to erase were a shape that could not be enclosed within just a box, those objects had to be individually removed.
  1. Select Erase > Poly Erase
  2. Sketch the poly erase box around the object to remove.
  3. Upon completing the polygon, only the objects fully enclosed will be removed.