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The SoftPlan Free Trial + Demonstration offers a look at the latest version of SoftPlan's industry-leading  design software.
The DVD that you will receive provides videos for basic concepts and an overview of functionality, as well as a number of other training videos that serve as a demonstration of the software. The disc also includes image galleries, FAQs, and a information on pricing and technical support.
Along with the Demonstration features, the package includes a free installation of the  SoftPlan Trial Version. With access to the internet, you can experience SoftPlan's revolutionary approach to residential design for yourself.  With some functionality disabled, such as printing, the free trial version delivers an open look at the possibilities SoftPlan offers.
The SoftPlan Demo Package is absolutely FREE. Your request will be processed and mailed First Class within 24 hours.

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Note: The SoftPlan Demo Package can only be mailed to residents of the US & Canada. For international residents, please complete the form below and download the demo. Or contact one of SoftPlan international distributors for assistance.