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Cross Sections

SoftPlan Cross Sections are completely automated because unlike conventional CAD programs, within SoftPlan you are drawing your plans using objects, items like walls, windows, doors, roofs, and floor system. The objects are more than just a series of lines in the plan; rather they are actual drawing items with width, depth, and height measurements which translate directly to the creation of the cross section.

Cross sections can be generated from as simple as a room or stair section to cutting through the entire building envelope.  The SoftView Cross Section is a true representation of the plan, and as changes are made to the floor plan the section will automatically update allowing for a seamless and accurate design process. 


Simply add the section lines as needed to the plans.  Section lines can be added at angles for a truer perspective. 


Then save the generated section and add detail notes and dimensions as needed to complete the design.  SoftPlan’s flexibility is such that even if major changes are made the original design simply regenerates the cross section in SoftView.  All notes, symbols, and hatching patterns will be applied to the saved cross section automatically. 

Creating Cross Sections See Laying Out Walls
Detailing Cross Sections See Laying Out Walls

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