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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Site


Site Bearing

If a bearing has a single digit minute or second a preceding zero is added.  Example 181 7' 8" becomes 181 07' 08" to make it easier to read.


Metric Site

Dimension Option Site Object Units added.  Used when the site survey is entered in Metric but the dimension on the site plan need to be in Imperial or vice versa.

Direction of North

Direction of North

Rotate Site only option added when Direction of North changes leaving the floor plan direction alone.


 Fence Dialog Fence Pabel 

Automatic Fence command added. Automatically builds fences from selections of boards, rails, panels, gates, posts and post caps.  A wide selection of these items is included and others can imported from external sources.


Flatwork Depths

Default Depth Options are available for all types of flatwork.


@grade Line Type

Line type @grade added.  This places the elevation of the grade as part of the line.


GPX file import added.  Imports GPS data (property lines, shot points) directly into SoftPlan.

Site Options

Site Options

The Site Options are moved to Project Options from Drawing Options and apply to all drawing in the Project.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Default Wall lists contain retaining walls. 

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