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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Openings

Auto Opening Swing

Auto Determine Opening Swing Side option added. See Laying Out Walls


Amarr Gararage Doors

Amarrr garage doors added to manufacturers' library.


200 series inswing patio door

200 series hinged patio in swing doors added to Andersen manufacturers' library.


Andersen A series

A-series double hung windows added to Andersen manufacturers' library.

Center Opening

Center Between 2 Walls

Center Wall Length option added to the Center command.  Places the Opening between two wall that intersect a common wall from opposite sides.

Center Opening

If an Opening is already centered the "center" check box on the Edit Dialog will display as checked when the dialog is opened.


Custom Text Opening Size

Custom Text option added to the display tab.  Allows the opening size to be expressed exactly how the user wishes.


Round Top Doors

8' Round Top Door library added containing 25 new openings.

Door and Window Dimension Format

Door Dimension Format

Several formats added to the way a door size appears on a floorplan.

Door Dimension Format

Dimension Options Interior vs Exterior Doors

Interior and Exterior Door have separate Door Dimension format listings allowing Interior doors to list as a Width only while Exterior Doors as Width x Height.

Double Action Swing

Double Action Swing

Double Action Swing option added to Doors.

Hardware Offset

Hardware Offset

Option added to move the handles on a door so they sit better on the style of the door.

Header Size

Opening Header Size on Plan

Display option added to allow the opening header size to appear on the plan in drawing mode.

Header Span Tables

Header Span Table

Number of Plys added to Header Span Table.  All openings that use the table update with a change to the table.


Clad Casemaster and Wood Casemaster libraries removed.

Mask Option added

Opening Label Mask

Mask option added to Edit removes all items "under" the Opening Label on the screen making the size easier to read.

Opening ID Labels

Opening ID Labels

Option added to configure Opening ID Labels to be Numbers or Letters for windows and doors.

Opening Schedule

Interior Exterior Switchh on Opening Schedule

Interior and Exterior Openings has separate inclusion on the Opening Schedule.

Opening Schedule

Opening Schedule with u-vaules

u-values added.

Panel Doors

Panel Doors

2 Panel and 3 Panel Door libraries added to the Interior Doors.  20 doors total.

Patio Doors

96" tall openings added to libraries.

Pocket Doors

Pocket Door Placement

Placement of Pocket Doors improved in the case where a wall intersects the recessed pocket.

Preview - Hardware added

Opening Hardware Preview

Door Hardware displays on the Opening preview on the Edit dialog.


Aluminum Sill and Threshold type added.

Site Built Units

Site Built Units

Individual Windows and Doors can be mulled together horizontally or vertically with thickened "mullions" or "transom bars".


When an Opening is resized to fit a space when drawn the size is automatically rounded to the nearest inch or 10mm increment.


 Blinds See Laying Out Walls 

Horizontal and Vertical Blinds added to Opening Treatment library and can be automatically added and fit to the openings.


Default setting added. When selected the Opening will always look to the Drawing Options for the trim values. This makes it simple to change the trim all the openings in one spot.


Trim Profile Options

Profiles added the Opening Trim Systems and Drawing options.

Unit Opening

Unit Opening

Unit Opening command added to the Edit menu.  A quick way to join separate but adjacent openings together into a single unit.


Awning Window Library

Awing Window library added.

Window Position

Window Position

An option to specify the default distance from Bottom of Wall to the Top of the Window is added.  In the example above windows will be placed with their tops at 6'-8" above the floor.

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