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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Move


Move Attach, Group, Link Floors

Move Attach, Group, and Link Floors options added to the 3D modes.


Cabinets will "bump" into walls and other cabinets in 3D.  This allows for more precise placement directly in the 3D model. This behavior existed for symbols in previous versions.


Items display textured and shaded while being moved in 3D, Elevations, and Sections.  In previous versions they displayed wire frame.


Temporary axis is improved.  The alignment diamonds change color when the item being moved is aligned with another object.

Align to Edge

Align to Edge Highlight

A single edge, the edge being used for alignment, highlights in the Aligned to Edge command rather all the edges in an object.

Collision Detection

Alignment Indicator

Elevations, Sections, and Interior Elevations display collision detection indicators.  A diamond appears when the Move command is used.  The diamond changes color when the item being moved is aligned with the target item.


Right Click Near a Dimension Number

Right Click near a Dimension and the menu contains both Move Dimension Number & Move Dimension Line commands.


Moving large numbers of items takes much less time.


Openings can be moved from one wall to another.


Openings Move

When an Opening in moved towards another opening it will placed automatically next to the adjacent opening.

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