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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: File


Archive Create New Folder

New Folder command added to Archive Backup enabling the creation of the target folder on the fly.


A Checkpoint backup file is automatically created when the computer goes to sleep.

Close Project

File > Close > Close Project automatically returns user to the Project Start page.


Import AutoCAD 2012 DWG files added.

Import of DWG (AutoCAD) files improved.

Multi Format Notes

Export to DWG and DXF files.

Navigation Preview

Drawing Preview

Drawing preview added to the navigation toolbar.  A picture appears if the cursor hovers over the drawing long enough.


Project Notes

Note field added for general project comments.


Project Preview

The quality (resolution) of the Project preview is increased, making it easier to recognize a job.

Recent Projects

Deleted Projects are automatically removed from Recent Projects list.

Sun Options

Sun Options

Project Information dialog contains the Sun Options that were formerly located on the Drawing Options.

Send to ... Compressed Zipped Folder added

All files from the project are added to a single zipped file folder.  Used for easy archive, backup, or file sharing.


The SoftImage application is removed.  Raster files, .JPG .BMP, will be automatically opened by the program assigned by the operation system.

TGA files

Targa (TGA) files no longer supported.  Removed as a file type on Import Image, Export Image and Output to File > Save As dialogs.

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