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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Dimensions


Dimension Anchor

The dimension Anchor command can be used to "Lock" the two dimensioned items in place.

Angle Dimension

All visible items can have angled dimensions applied.  Formerly this was only assessable to items in the current drawing mode.

Auto Dimension

Align Extension Start Point

Align Extension Start Point option added.  Acts a way to pull most of the extensions lines further away from the floorplan.

Auto Dimension

 Exclude Openings from Auto Dimension  

Include Openings option added.  De-select this to exclude placement of the Extension Lines from Openings as is the drawing standard in Australia.


Dimension Point

Dimension Point can locate any point along the length of an Arc.

Dimension Point

Snap is always used by the Dimension Point command to locate items.  This makes dimensioning short distances simpler.


Dimension Edit Highlight Direction

The Edit dialog Move arrow is automatically selected and highlighted based on the  cursor location on the dimension line when edit was selected.  In the example above Edit was selected at the pink cross , right of the dimension number, the Move right button was selected and highlighted by default therefore eliminating the step of selecting the direction.

Garage Doors & Cross Openings

Garage Door Extension Option

Extension Options added for Garage Doors and Cross Openings.  This allows these type of openings to be dimension differently than the other windows and doors on the drawing.

Horizontal option added

Horizontal Dimension option

When selected all dimensions will "read from bottom" regardless of orientation, used frequently on cabinet drawings.

In Inches option added

Dimension In Inches

Display in Inches' option to the Dimension edit dialog.  This will force a 1'-2" dimension to display as 14".

Leader Line is automatically added

Automatic Leader Line

Leader Line is automatically added when a dimension is moved because there is not enough room for it to display. 

Mask Option added

Dimension Mask

Mask option added to Dimension edit removes all items "under" the dimension on the screen making the Dimension easier to read.


Relocate Dimension number enhanced - both the new Dimension and the existing dimension number will move if required to minimize the number of times that a dimension overlaps another item on the drawing.

See Laying Out Walls

Rod & Shelf

Rod & Shelf Dimension Option

Dimension Option added to enable Dimensions for Rod & Shelf.  It is off by default.  Previously this was controlled by the Shape Dimension property.

Set Distance Between

All visible items are available formerly only items in the current drawing mode could be used by Set Distance Between.  This is useful when working on site plans.

Set Distance Between

Walls from and Overlay can be used by Set Distance Between.

Temporary Dimension

Toolbars can be customized to included the Temporary Dimension toggle.

Thin Slash Arrow Style added

Thin Slash Arrow

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