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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Decks

Deck Finish Option added

Deck Finish

Finish options allows different materials to be assigned to simlar parts of a deck.

Deck Board Overhang command added

Deck Board Overhang

Command extends the Deck Boards proud of the Deck Ring Joists a set distance.

Sister Deck Joist command added

Command adds a Deck Joist identical in size to the source Deck Joist on the side indicated by the user.


Deck with Skirt

Skirting command added to Edit Deck Edge.  This automatically covers the deck edge with a trellis or like material.

Adjust Height To Fit Beam

When a Post is drawn under a Deck Beam the Adjust Height to Fit Beam command is automatically selected.

Parting Board

Deck Edge command added, automatically places decorative board at outer edge of deck.

Ring Joist

Double Ringg Joist

Option Ring Joist Count added.  Easily allows the Ring Joist to be doubled or tripled.

Wall Offset

Walls automatically offset to the top of a deck.  Useful when designing screened porches.

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