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SoftPlan 2014 New Features: Cabinets

Angled Walls

Angled Wall Cabinet Placement

Placement of Cabinets against angled walls, particularly walls at 1/2 degree increments, improved.

Auto Cabinet

Auto Cabinet

Cabinet Finish and Face Style are synchronized so the upper and lowers look the same when they are added.

Auto Size

Cabinets automatically resize to fit the available space when the selected Cabinet is too large to fit.



AristoKraft manufactures library added.

Back Panel

Back Panels on Cabinets

Cabinet Type Back Panel added.

Built-Up Crown

Built-Up Crown Molding

Crown Molding can be built up using multiple trim profiles.  The pieces are automatically aligned in the proper position.

Cabinet Face

Draw Cabinet automatically recalls the last Cabinet Face selected.


Countertop Hole

Holes cut in countertops automatically have the edges filled in.


Edit Countertop Edges

Freeform countertop edges edit in 3D.


Snap will locate on a countertop line.

Crown Molding


Crown Molding can be automatically added to the Cabinet Run.  Older versions required they be added in Interior Mode.


Tall Cabinet with Stacked Doors

Doors can be stacked on top of each other on a single cabinet box.



The Draw Cabinet menu is no longer stepped making it quicker to select the commands.

Elevate Cabinets

Elevate Cabinet with Backsplash

Countertop Backsplash is added automatically by the Elevate Cabinet command.

End Panels

 Cabinet End Panel Dialog  Cabinets with End Panels

End Panels can be automatically added.

End Panel

End Panels

Cabinet Type End Panel added.  Used to cover the side of refrigerators.

Face Layout

Cabinet 2x1 over 1 x2

Face Layout - 2 drawers side by side over two doors added.

Face Layout

Custom Face Layout

The layout of a Cabinet can be modified directly on the Edit Cabinet dialog box, eliminating the need to go to the cabinet library.

Face Layouts

Cabinet Face Layout defaults added

Cabinet Face Layout defaults added to System and Drawing options.  This allows different type of cabinets to de drawn with different door and draw arrangements.  For example a base cabinet can be set to draw with a drawer over door while a wall cabinet defaults to two doors.

Face Style

Cabinet Face Style Defaults

Default Face Style added to Cabinet Options, at the System and Drawing level.  So all cabinets will be drawn with the desired face style.

False Front

False Front Cabinets

Any cabinet part can has a False selection.  Used to identify non-operating parts such as sink fronts.

Framing Configuration

Cabinet Configuration

Cabinet Options, System and Drawing, have added Framing Configuration.  This allows a user to set the defaults Cabinets to be Framed as Frameless, Inset, Butt, Overlay, or Face Frame.


Fill Cabinets automatically resize to fit available space.

Hardware Position

Cabinet Hardware Position

Cabinet hardware is positioned relative to the edge of the cabinet door or drawer resulting in a consistent position as the width of the cabinet change.

Hardware Position

Reverse Hardware Location

Cabinet Face can be reversed Horizontally or Vertically.  This changes the hardware location.



KraftMaid cabinet libraries added.


Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting added.  Light option on the Edit Cabinet dialog automatically adds a light rail.

Manufacturers Library

Manufacturers Library 3D Preview

Cabinets in the manufacturers libraries display a 3D preview for easier selection prior to drawing.

Matching Layout

Search for Cabinet Face

Matching Layout searching added to Select Cabinet dialog.  There are now so many Cabinet Face Layouts that a search mechanism had to be added to make finding specific arrangements more efficient.



Cabinet lines Classic and Essentials lines added to the Merillat manufacturers' library.

Open Cabinet

Open Cabinet Part

Cabinet Part: Open Cabinet added.

Oven Cabinets

Double Oven Cabinets added to default libraries

Pantry Cabinets

Pantry Cabinet

Tall single drawer pull out cabinet styles added, typically referred to as pantry cabinets.

Pull Out Drawers

Pull Out Drawer

Drawer Type Pull-Out added.   Used for large drawers and tall cabinets.


Rendered Cabinet Preview

Cabinets display rendered, previous versions used a vector preview.


Drawing Cabinet

Hardware displays on the Cabinet preview when drawing or editing a cabinet.

Rails and Stiles

Custom Cabinet Rails and Stiles

New custom cabinet face configuration utility has Rails and Stiles as parts that can be added.

This allows user control of the width of the Rails and Stiles.

Show Names

Cabinet Run Show Names

Show Names option added to the Run tab.  When selected the designations for all the cabinet in the run display.


Cabinet Snap

Cabinets automatically snap back to back making creation of islands easier.

Tiled Backsplash

Tiled Backsplash

Edit Cabinet Accessories tab had a Tiled Backsplash command.  This adds a backsplash of a set height and depth or automatically to the bottom of the wall cabinets.

Toe Kicks

Cabinet Toe Kick Control

Individual control over the appearance of Toe Kicks added.


Wheels on Cabinets

Cabinet Legs can be set to wheels.

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