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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Roofs

Add Roof Edges automatically turns off "Auto Regenerate"

This makes further manipulation of the roof reference points easier.

Roof | Add Roof Edges | Insert Poly Edges - when either is selected we should turn off "Auto Regenerate"

Auto Roof improved

The Auto Roof command has been enhanced to handle with even more complicated situations.

Dutch Gable

Dutch Gable Heel Height can be edited.

False Dormer

Eyebrow style false dormer added.


Fillet no longer moves the reference points when being used to remove roof edges.  This means less adjusting of reference points.

Gable End

Profile added to the gable end material options giving the siding material an actual extruded appearance.

Gable Frieze option added

Edit Roof Edge to access the Gable Frieze option.  Automatically adds a profiled frieze to gables, stack gables and false gables.


Hole option added to cut a hole in the roofing but not in the sheathing.  Used when over-framing roofs.

Multiple Floor Roof

Multiple Floor Roof references the project file to determine the lower roof.  Selecting the lower floor is no longer required.

Roof Pitch

Label option to automatically display the roof pitch added.

Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap on stacked gables improved

R-Values added

Edit roof contains Continuous and Cavity R-Values, used for energy calculations.

Seat Cut

The roofs vertical position can now be controlled by specifying the seat cut in addition to the heel height and the top of top plate to bottom of fascia.

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