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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: 3D

3D, Elevation, and Cross Section share a common material file so changes in one affect all.

3D Camera Window

   SoftPlan 3D Navigation

Easy access to commands pan and rotate the camera.  Also access to the new Look At command.

3D View Window


   SoftPlan 3D Navigation

Easy access top down and over the top views as well as model rotate.

 Ambient Occlusion 


Ambient Occlusion is a technique that enhances appearance of folds and corners on a rendering.

Antialiasing improved

Area Light source added

Horizontal & Vertical Light source type added.  They cast light in the shape of a pyramidal frustum.  They can be used as a light source in 3D or embedded in a fixture.  A florescent fixture is an example of where they are used.

Auto Horizon

Auto Horizon shortcut added to SoftView toolbar.

Offset option added.


Each mode, has a background image assignment.

Background Extraction removed

With the new design incorporating multiple windows and multiple processors the command was no longer required.

Color Swatches command added

Color Swatches command added used to add manufacturers paint colors to the model.  Benjamin Moore is the first manufacturer library included.

Draw Symbol added to 3D, Elevation, and Section

Emissive property added to material definitions

Used to make a material glow to create bright spots.

Glass House material file added

Headlight light source added

This direct light source is automatically place just above the camera ensuring that there is light, and more importantly shadow, in a scene. 

Information popup added to the Right Mouse Button

Selecting the right mouse button displays a context sensitive information menu.  This greatly reduces the amount of mouse movement required to execute common commands.


Custom option added to Lighting options, if not selected the lighting settings are automatically selected.  The automatically generated lighting establishes a lighting model that balances render results with generation time.


Material option added, save and recall the render settings for a given item, glass for example.

 Number of Rendered Triangles and Lights added to status bar 

Lists the number of surfaces that in the current model.

Multi Threaded Ray Tracer added

A completely new ray trace engine will use all the available processor cores to complete the render in a shorter period of time.

 Over the side view added

Automatically creates a view that peeks over the walls into the floor plan

Photon Mapping Indirect Lighting option added 


Indirect Lighting can be added via a photon mapping technique.  In the images above photon mapping has been enabled on the right hand image.

Reflections added to Hardware (GPU) mode renderings

Textured (GPU) rendering now have the ability to calculate and display reflections.

Render Options Save and Load added

Store and recall settings for Line, Face, Effects, Render, Lighting, and Background.

Shadow quality improved 

SoftPlan 14

SoftPlan 2012  

The above images show the shadows in Textured (GPU) mode.  A mode that can be moved through in real time given a fast video card. More light sources are included in the casting of the shadows and variance shadow mapping is employed in GPU mapping calculations.


3D, Elevations and Sections have an enhanced Snap setting (F11).  Useful for commands such as Draw, Move, and Adjust.

 Top Down View added

Automatically creates a "3D Floor Plan" view.

Watercolor Effect added


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