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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Railings


Definitions can be saved and recalled.  Railing arrangements can quickly be assigned.

End Styles

End Styles automatically set when a rail meets a post.  The same logic is used when a rail intersects a wall.

Glass Rail

Edit Rail dialog contains a Glass Rail option to automatically add glass between the posts and the top and bottom rail.

Hidden option added

Used when a railing is located on a hidden stair.  The railing will show in plan and in 3D but will not print.

Post Cap

Post Cap option added.  Automatically places user definable caps on the tops of the post for both stair rails and deck rails.

Spindle Spacing

Spindle spacing added to instance level, allowing different spindle spacing for different spindle spacing on the same drawing.

Toe Rails

Automatically excluded from railings on stairs.

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