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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Notes

@drawing stamp added

Automatically inserts the current file name into a Note.

Auto Label

Auto Label added to the right mouse click.

Auto Label notes are automatically added in UPPERCASE.


Colors  of individual Notes can be changed.

Curved Note command added

The radius is entered as 3 point or SER (start point, end point, radius) or SCL (start point, center, length).


Exploded Notes maintain their justification and position.

Note dialog is resizable

Open Type Fonts usable in SoftPlan

Outline Mask option added

Blocks out lines and shading behind a note making it easier to read.  The shape of the Mask is controlled by the Outline selection.

 Outline Type Left Bar & Right Bar added


This image shows the Left Bar Note Outline type.


Pointers can be drawn either from the note to the object or from the object to the note.


Pointers will automatically open the add note dialog if there is not already existing at the end of the pointer.

Replace command added

Search and replace text in existing notes on a drawing.

Right Click Mouse Menu

Click the right mouse button away from all items and a menu containing Notes appears.


Floor, Ceiling & Roof Framing Schedules can be set to list Exact or Modular sizes.


Note Outlines serve as a Snap point.

Stamps command added

Select Stamps from the Note dialog and have access to SoftPlan's information stamps, the @ commands.

Spline Pointer Type added

Triangle Outline type added

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