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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Walls


Draw Wall command added to 3D.

Banding will Duplicate and Repeat Edit

Banding Offset

Offset is now measured to the bottom of the Banding rather than the middle.

Beam Pockets

Beam Pockets are added to non-framed walls in a Wall Panel diagram

Display (Plan View)

Wall Definition contains an option called Display Height that controls at what height the plane view of the wall will be taken.

Dutch Lap Siding profile added

Fit to Soffit option added

Edit Wall has a Fit to Soffit command.  This shortens or extends the wall's exterior material until it lines up even with the bottom of the soffit. 


Explode a footing, in plan view, and the lines can be fine tuned. 


Glass Shower wall added to default wall list.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) added to wall materials

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls (brick, stone, stucco) added to default extended wall list.

Log Wall Corner Style added

Automatically create Butt and Pass or Swedish Cope style log wall corners.

Pressure Treated Bottom Plate selection added to Walls

Selecting this option allow the materials list to count Pressure Treated wood without having to have a completely separate wall definition.

Pole Barn

Wall Type added to extended list.

Pressure Treaded Plywood added to wall materials

This allows walls definitions for pressure treated wood foundations to be created.

R-Values added

R-Values (continuous and cavity) are stored with each wall and are used when performing energy calculations. 

Stone Walls

Existing Stone Walls added to Remodelers list.

Stud– Insulated B and Stud Insulated C added to wall materials

This will allow for walls to be defined with different insulation types, batt vs. sprayed for example. 

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