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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: SoftList


Cabinets with a Custom name will list separately in SoftList from standard cabinets.

Custom Formula Right Mouse Click

Right click the mouse accesses Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Redo.


The cutlist report lists the Wall ID that contains the material in the report.

Decimal Quantities

SoftList has the ability to list Quantities in fractions, i.e.: 7.5 cuyd of concrete vs. 8 cuyd. (decimal, partial)


Default Drywall formulas excludes opening over 32 sq ft.

Ignore All Warnings option added

Option appears during the generation of the materials list when an error occurs.

Insert blank lines into saved report added - select the insert key on the keyboard.

Highlight Entities

Displays results from all drawing in the model.

Export to REScheck ™ Building Energy Codes Program added

REScheck ™ reports are required for permitting in many jurisdictions and SoftPlan will automatically generate the report.

Lumber Tables

Rounding options added to the individual lumber tables allowing some lumber to report modular while other report exact or rounded.


Orientation variable added, used for energy calculations.

Planting Bed type added to Site group


No limit in the number of lines (rows) that a report can contain.

Rod & Shelf

End Panels on Rod & Shelf include sizing information.


Selections options added to items, differentiates materials that appear identical on a drawing but list separately on a material list (2000 vs. 5000 psi concrete)

Takeoff Mode

Highlight type Point (Radius, Circle) added, used to count number of occurrences of an item.

Wall & Beam Profile

Walls and Beams can base calculations on their profile. 

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