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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Openings


Opening will Adjust in 3D, Elevations, and Cross Sections.


Area information added to the openings.


Arches in stucco walls are automatically wrapped with stucco.

Brick Mold added to Opening Trim

Custom profile Brick Mold can be automatically added to an Opening.

Corner Windows added

Craftsman Grill Style added

Curtains, Rods, and Finials

Curtains, Rods, and Finials automatically added via new Opening Treatment options tab on the edit opening dialog box.

Interior Doors draw open in SoftView by default

This allows more light to cast through the model resulting in better 3D renderings.  The doors can be edited shut.

Fit to Space



If an opening will not fit in the available space the opening is automatically resized to fit. In the example above a window A was placed in the remaining space on the horizontal wall. A 3' x 2' window would not fit so a smaller window was used instead. 

Jalousie Type Windows added

Offset Shutter to Opening Trim option added


Opening Trim Pediment option added to automatically place trim piece above an opening.

Picture Awning Windows added

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters automatically added via new Opening Treatment options tab on the edit opening dialog box.

Plinthe Block

Interior Trim option Plinth Block added, automatically adds the selected block to the bottom of the opening.

Round Top Door Library added

Screen Door Library added

Note: these are doors intended for use on porches not "storm doors"

Shower Door Library added

Single and Double Hung Openings can be opened in 3D

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors leaves overlap and are offset.

Trapezoid windows can Fit to Roof or Ceiling

Trapezoid windows can automatically Slope to Roof or Slope to Ceiling.


Interior trim displays in plan view as a non-printable item

Opening Schedule

Columns added for: Opening Area, Egress, Header Size, Screen, and Elevation (picture).

Vinyl Trim Material added

U-Value option added to Openings

The U-Values stored with each opening are used when performing energy calculations. 

Windows Above Openings

Windows drawn in 3D or Elevation can be placed above other openings on the same wall.

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