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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Electrical

AFI outlet

Added to standard library.

Auto Place Outlet improved

Stairs are automatically avoided when Auto Place outlet is used.

Ceiling Fan library

3 new high quality symbols added.

Ceiling Light library

49 new high quality symbols added.

Exterior Light library

9 New high quality symbols added.

Electrical Options added to the default toolbar

Electrical Symbols can be drawn in 3D, Elevation and Sections 

Extract in Section option added

Symbol Configuration option gives the option to include a symbol when a cross section is created.  Less symbols on an section result in increased performance.

Forms + Surfaces®

Manufacturer libraries from Forms + Surfaces® added containing 19 new high quality lamp posts.

GFI outlets automatically added by Auto Place Outlet

When a Base Cabinet is encountered the outlet location is moved up and changed to a GFI

Minimum Distance to Corner  and Minimum distance to Door option added

Added to Auto Place Outlets command.

Standard Symbols

Standard Symbols (switches, outlets …) automatically display in 3D.

Visa Lighting®


Manufacturer library from Visa Lighting® added containing 101 new high quality light fixtures.

Wall Lights library

22 New high quality symbols added.

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