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SoftPlan 2012 New Features: Dimensions & Extensions

Auto Dimension

Auto Dimension on Log Walls improved

Auto Dimension avoids Decks

Dimension Tail

Size configuration added to Arrow Options dialog.

Dimension Edit

Added to 3D, Elevation and Cross Section.

Dimension Point

Can be added to the toolbar in all modes.


Distance command added to 3D, Elevations & Sections


Edit Dimension automatically default the move direction based on where the dimension was selected. This reduces the number of mouse clicks required to accurately set dimensions.

Font Size override added to individual Dimensions


Move a Dimension with a Text override prompts with  “Do Not Show this Message Again Yes No”  dialog.

Plus Minus options added


Add +/- command added to edit Dimension dialog.

Real Time Update

Dimension numbers change as the value changes as a result of a move or adjust.

Round Dimension To option added

Symbol Dimension Options

Symbol Dimension Options added selections are Edge and Center.

Temporary Dimensions

Move and adjust display temporary dimensions that automatically disappear after the action is complete.

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